Day 48 – February 17, 2012

Best buds – Arren has attached himself to this little guy. They are in the same preschool class. He’s another Coastie kid and their birthdays are 5 days apart. Imagine that! They are so cute together too, I hear “Arren was my friend today” and “xxxx is my best friend” they give each other hugs and big smiles. Today they asked to sit together to color. No, they did not just want to be at the same table and no sitting across from each other was not good enough. Their teacher obliged by letting them sit at a different table because there weren’t two seats together at the first table. I remember when Reed found his first friend like that….. I think Reed might even say that although half the country separates him from this friend, he’s still his best friend. The strength of friendship and loyalty of children!

Arren and his best friend


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