Day 16 – January 16, 2012

What a fun weekend we’ve had! We rounded it out with a day of yard work. Well, Nate did yard work. I went for a run in the mid-day sun and nearly keeled over when I got home. I am a heat wimp. I am a heat wimp in the sense that I get warm fast. 75 makes me melt. Sun and 75 today made me warm enough to swim. I donned my suit and headed out to the backyard where Nate was working. Of course, the boys were out playing too and both ran inside and put their swim trunks on.

This story is beside the point. It has pretty much nothing to do with the picture I took today. I got another one of the dog. We don’t have all that many of her. She’s terrified of thunderstorms (she suffers from PTSD from a hurricane) and won’t let a camera near her because of the flash She’s getting old. She’s really sweet. She’s my pretty girl. I chose this one because she was in the bright shade so the light was good. I liked the simplicity of the colors – brick, grass and dog.

Pretty girl


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