Day 9 – January 9, 2012

I know that people enjoy football. I have an understanding of football, I can name teams and even recognize some major players. My family never watched football growing up unless it was Thanksgiving and company wanted to see it. My first introduction to rivalry football was while we were living in Superior, WI – the Packers vs. the Vikings was a hot water cooler topic. I had no idea that football could mean so much to so many until we got here to Mobile. The rivalry between the University of Alabama and Auburn University is an experience all it’s own and as deep seeded as the Hatfields and the McCoys.

In the fall Reed’s school had a challenge – Read to be a Champion. You had to decide if you were reading for Auburn or Alabama. Reed came home and decided he was reading for Alabama. I was relieved he made the choice for us. I didn’t want to have to try explaining why I don’t root for either. Since then he’s gotten an Alabama tee-shirt and watched the Iron Bowl with true interest.

Tonight is the BCS game in New Orleans between Alabama and LSU. Here’s Reed’s “Roll Tide”!

Roll Tide!


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  1. Jessika!!!!!! You are something else!!!! Love to the fam my friend! Big hugs for Reed and Arren!

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